Our Philosophy

At Andrioti School of English, Corfu we continually work towards providing top quality language courses to students of all ages and interests. We use sound teaching methodology following the latest trends in language teaching. Our teaching material is constantly evaluated and adapted to meet our students’ needs.

Our school offers:

- Top quality language services by highly-trained teachers
- Cross-curricular activities
- Cooperation with schools and students from all over the world; the means of communication between the students is solely the English language
- Involvement of our students in project work
- Use of state-of-the-art technology to enhance the learning experience
- Use of Interactive ‘Smart’ Whiteboards in every classroom, and in every session
- Use of the Internet as an educational tool
- Use of computers at the Self-Access Centre

At the same time we cooperate closely with our students’ families through:

- Frequent Parents Days
- Parents Seminars and Discussions

At Andrioti School of English we ensure that our students not only will they speak English fluently, but also they will have been exposed to a holistic learning experience which will prepare them for the future.


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