For People with Special Needs

1. Font size

Should you wish to change the font size, use the three (3) A buttons on the bottom right of the page. The first one increases the font size every time you click. the second one reduces the font size every time you click. By clicking on the third "A", the font size returns to nornal.

2. Simplified access to information

You can navigate our page by using just the keyboard or mouse. The following sitemap of the page consists of hyperlinks to all availabe information. By pressing the key on your keyboard, you can navigate the page without any other combination of keys.

    Our school
        Our philosophy
        Course of Study
        Greek Language Certificate
        Lifelong Learning Centre
        Our Premises
        e - newspaper
    Contact Us

3. Acces to information via sound

On the bottom right of the page, there is the option for accessing the information via sound, as well as increasing/reducing the volume of the sound. By clicking on "Play" you can listen to the main text. By selecting any text from the page you can listen only to the selected text. Click on the next two buttons to pause or stop the sound.